Easy steps to fix skirting board

Preparation and tools required

If you are thinking about upgrading a room with skirting boards, then you are at the right stop. To fix these boards, you require some normal and some special skills. Along with skills, you need some equipment. That equipment are Pencil, Decorator’s caulk, Screws, Coping saw, Hammer, Wood filler, Silicone gun, Drill, Mitre saw, Tape measure, Nails and Instant grab adhesive. After having all these items you can start the work.

Steps to follow

1. Cover your floor with sheets, and laminate them.

2. Workout the length required to complete the work. Then add twenty percent of length as a contingency.

3. Then mark the sides. The side, which is marked, will go towards the wall. That means side without mark will face outside.

4. Then select the first wood and place it on a hard surface. Mark the measurement with the pencil. Use mitre saw and cut it evenly. If the wood is if hard skirting, then use machines to cut the wood.

5. If there are, any rough edges then use sandpaper to smooth it.

6. Then make use of instant grab use adhesive and place the right amount of the adhesive on the marked side of the board.

7. Apply the adhesive evenly all around the marked surface and place the board onto the wall. After placing, use a hammer and hit it gently. Better way is to use a heavy box and push it till the board is perfectly fixed

8. If there are, any openings then use the adhesive to fix them. Even filling wax with sawdust helps.

9. If you are using nails to fix the board, then use a pencil to mark the points. Use the driller to drill through the wall. Then place your nail in the hole and fix it with a hammer.

10. If there are opening at the edges then use decorator’s caulk to fill them.

The perfect look and painting

If you want to give a perfect look to your skirting board, then paint the board with same texture color. The color should enhance the wall beauty. Water-based color will give better look in real quick time.